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VirtualG.uk focuses on the latest virtualization and infrastruture topics in the following areas: Dell EMC,  VMware vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, vSAN, vRealize and Certification. VirtualG.uk is also home to the free VCAP6-DCV Deployment Exam Simulator that has had over 100 sessions registered since it’s release in late 2016. Please feel free to contact Graham, the… Read More »

VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator Update

As I’m preparing for VCDX I have not been as active on the blog as I would like, the good news is that when I have some free time I am working on improving the VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator! Since it’s launch late last year, there have been over 100 sessions, mentioned on many blogs and… Read More »

vROps – Installation

There are three install options for VROps 6.4. Windows, Linux and the OVA. In this post we’ll look at the preferred OVA installation. The OVA can be considered as more secure (Effectively a black box that admins will be less tempted to modify) and performs better since it’s isolated from other 3rd party software. Download the… Read More »

How do you kill a VM that will not power off?

Sometimes a virtual machine will not power off via the web client. To resolve this, the process is very simple: Enable SSH on the host that the VM is running on: 2. Login to the host via SSH 3. Run the following command: esxcli vm process list 4. Find the world ID for the VM… Read More »

The problem with point in time snapshots and vSphere Replication

vSphere Replication is a nice, simple solution to replicate Virtual Machines from one site to another. It helps protect your business against most common threats to the data center and furthermore it’s included in vSphere standard and above at no extra cost. Some vSphere Replication users will notice an option to enable Point in Time… Read More »

VMware Site Recovery Manager – Connection Error 503

A few days ago I was presented with a Site Recovery Manager 5.5.1 install that was not functioning. The problem was first noticed when trying to login to SRM via the vSphere C# Client Connection Error: Lost connection to SRM Server [Hostname:Port] The Server [Hostname] could not interpret the client’s request. (The remote server returned… Read More »

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VMware License Tracker Tool

Have a VMware license key? Want to check any of these details? License status Quantity Contract status Support level Upgrade history Login to the MyVmware portal and go to http://www.vmware.com/support/secure/tracksn.do?vmware=trackSN   Enter your licenses   View results   Select a license or contract for more detail  

VMware Fast Lane Support – Speak with support in seconds !

The MyVMware app by VMware gets you connected to support via phone in seconds for P1 support cases. You need the app installed and you must have a Business/Mission Critical support agreement. If you don’t have that level of support agreement, the app is still useful to review licenses and existing service requests. See the… Read More »