VMware vSAN ESA – Book review

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization and storage technologies, VMware's vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA) emerges as a revolutionary solution, promising a unique approach to storage that combines efficiency, simplicity, and scalability. However, vSAN ESA is different from the traditional vSAN (OSA)which we have become familiar with since 2014. Since...

New Security Capabilities from Commvault

Last week I was fortunate to watch the Commvault Data Security webinar which reminded us of new security threats, particularly from AI, and provided some insights into how we can deal with such risks to our data. One of the biggest takeaways from the event, for me, was how we...

ChromeOS Monitoring with Goliath Technologies

For anyone who has followed the blog for some time, you'll know I'm a fan of good monitoring solutions. Proactive monitoring is essential to a happy end user, which reflects well on the IT team. ChromeOS Monitoring With the uptake of cheaper, more portable devices running ChromeOS as an example,...

Vinchin v7.0

New Feature in Vinchin V7.0: Data Verification for VMware Backups New Feature in Vinchin V7.0: Data Verification for VMware Backups Data Verification for VMware Backups The new release of Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 will be coming soon! With data verificationmodule for VMware newly added into 7.0 version, you will be able...

BDRSuite for VMware 

Overview In this post, I am taking a look at BDRSuite for VMware. The software has matured well over the last few years and with a free tier, it was something worth installing in the lab and reviewing a few of the key features. Features One thing I like about...

Commvault Connections – Modernising Data Management 

Last week I was fortunate to attend Commvault Connections 2022. The virtual event offered keynotes, technical sessions, and stories from customers on a range of topics. The event was broadcast internationally which allowed IT leaders to gain insights and best practices on how to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing...

Backup your Endpoints for free with Vembu

The ability to Backup and Restore your mission-critical data is crucial in today's world. It seems that malicious attacks on our data such as Ransomware are on the rise, we seem to hear about them on a daily basis. Recently I have been evaluating Vembu Backup for Endpoints. The primary...

WhatsUp Gold – 2022 Review

WhatsUp Gold is a feature-rich network, app and device monitoring tool. Since being a customer many years ago, the software has been acquired by Progress and there have been a number of impressive improvements. Unlike other network monitoring tools, WhatsUp Gold is designed with simplicity in mind, but do not...

Coresuite – A M365 Management Solution

Anyone who's working on adopting cloud solutions knows that the management of such solutions can be a real challenge for enterprises. Recently I've discovered that there are comprehensive cloud management solutions that can remove a lot of the headaches associated with cloud adoption. In particular, CoreView offers an impressive Microsoft...
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