VMware Explore – US – Top 5 Session Picks

With VMware Explore (US – Las Vegas) starting August 21st, it is time to save your seats to ensure you get to see the breakout sessions you want to be involved in.

Depending on which products you have as part of your infrastructure, and personal interests, everyone will have their own choices.

For me, I like to pick some deep dives into products I have and also a few sessions on products I am considering or simply have an interest in outside of the workplace.

So what are my top 5 picks for VMware Explore US 2023?

Increasing Availability and Resilience with VMware vSAN Stretched Clusters [CEIB1099LV]

Availability and resilience are top of mind for everyone involved in providing a platform for business services. VMware offers a great solution to increase resilience and availability through the VMware vSAN stretched cluster functionality. Over the past few years, new features and enhancements have been introduced to vSAN stretched clusters to increase availability and resilience as well as improve operational efficiency. We will discuss a typical implementation, share best practices, and explain why vSAN Express Storage Architecture is preferred for VMware-based stretched cluster solutions.

Speakers: Duncan Epping & Vivek Pamadi

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What’s New with VMware + NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise Platform [CEIB3051LV]

NVIDIA and VMware have partnered to democratize AI/ML for all enterprises. VMware+NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise Platform delivers best-in-class AI/ML software, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, optimized and certified for the industry’s leading enterprise workload platforms, VMware Cloud Foundation & VMware vSphere. Join this talk to hear Justin Murray, Frank Denneman, and an NVIDIA speaker and learn more about this VMware & NVIDIA AI initiative. Watch out for updates to this abstract for some new announcements.

Speakers: Justin Murray & Frank Denneman

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Keep the Attackers Out: Infrastructure Security Hardening and Auditing [CEIB1975LV]

Protecting IT infrastructure components from attacks and ransomware is different than protecting workloads. There are ways to use the security features built into VMware vSphere+ to harden an environment against attacks while also keeping it easy for IT staff to do their jobs and make compliance audits faster, too. Join us as we talk about what’s new for infrastructure security, and how to incorporate those into design and implementation strategies so that your environment is secure in the face of changing threats.

Speakers: Bob Plankers & Joshua Solomin

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State of Union for VMware Home Labs [CODEB2757LV]

In this session, you will learn about all the latest and greatest options in building a VMware home lab for learning, development and testing purposes. In addition to the hardware and software build of material for a VMware home lab, we will also deep dive into all the different ways you can configure and leverage your home lab to run the latest VMware products and services, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware NSX, VMware Aria, and VMware Tanzu to just name a few. You will learn about the different techniques and tricks that will allow you to deploy and exercise the maximum number of products and/or feature workflows. This will be a session you do not want to miss if you are looking to expand your skillset or simply learn about new ways to leverage VMware software.

Speaker: William Lam

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Delivering Application Monitoring Services in Cloud [CEIB2296LV]

Every cloud offering needs complete end-to-end monitoring services for applications, whether they are in private, sovereign, hybrid or public cloud. For VMware Cloud Services Provider partners, VMware Aria Operations, either standalone or integrated into a cloud-smart multi-cloud solution with VMware Cloud Director, can deliver simple virtual data center monitoring and advanced application monitoring services.

Speakers: Amith Vijayanand & Brandon Gordon

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VMware Explore 2023 Backpack Reveal

If you’re attending the US conference in person, be sure to pickup your backpack!

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