How to install NSX-T Manager 3.x

Unlike traditional networking solutions, NSX-T runs on top of a hypervisor. In NSX-T's case, this can be a vSphere hypervisor (ESXi) or KVM. The main advantages of this approach are that you re-utilise existing hardware, reducing CAPEX costs (Hardware, Cabling, Rackspace etc) while also OPEX costs including warranty, support and...

How to provide feedback directly to VMware 1-on-1

Being able to provide feedback to hardware and software vendors is challenging. Most companies will allow you to send in your suggestions or product feedback via an online form or ticket which can work out okay. However, there is nothing better than being able to talk to someone at the...

What’s next for infrastructure – SDN?

At VMworld 2017, VMware was rather heavy on the NSX side of things, claiming that integrating clouds and improving edge connectivity will need a software-defined networking (SDN) component to work effectively. VMware's SDN solution is NSX. This bold announcement by Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO was met with caution from customers...