Bookmarks for new VMware pages

Over the past week many of the key VMware webpages have relocated over to Broadcom. With the transition from VMware.com to Broadcom.com well underway, I found it challenging to locate the new location for pages such as: VMware Downloads VMware Support VMware KBs Fortunately, William Lam posted a list of...

VMware vSAN ESA – Book review

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtualization and storage technologies, VMware's vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA) emerges as a revolutionary solution, promising a unique approach to storage that combines efficiency, simplicity, and scalability. However, vSAN ESA is different from the traditional vSAN (OSA)which we have become familiar with since 2014. Since...

Official VMware Visio Stencils & Icons – Update

I have been writing documentation for some time but it has always bothered me that there has been no official Visio Stencils, Draw.io or other Icons for the documentation of VMware solutions. There are some unofficial icon set sources out there and there are a few official product diagrams available but...

Free VPN for your lab?

Recently I was looking for a replacement to my old OpenVPN solution. The problem with a traditional VPN such as OpenVPN is that they require a static IP address or some kind of Dynamic DNS service which are not always reliable. ISPs normally charge extra for a static IP and...

How to setup Snapshot alarms in vSphere

This is a quick post to demonstrate custom alarms in the vSphere client. As far back as I remember, you have been able to customize alarms in vSphere. In every new vSphere release you will likely find new alarm definitions which you can use to alert you of specific issues...

Renewing your VCSA web certificate automatically

In this article I've provided a script which can be used to replace the default SSL certificate on your VCSA with a new signed certificate by your enterprise certificate authority. Further, you can also use this same script to replace your signed certificate, prior to it expiring. Background The manual...
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