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By | November 14, 2016

01.06.2017 Due to having to dedicate all my free time to my VCDX submission, I have closed the simulator for the next 3 months. If you have an exam coming up, please send me a message on Twitter and I’ll try to open a session for you.

For those taking exam 3V0-622 / VCAP6-DCV Deploy then you’ll know that the exam is a real lab that you need to fix issues in or change configuration based on given scenarios.

I’ve created an exam simulator to help anyone who wants to get a feel for the type of questions that you might be asked. It’s a full lab containing a VCSA and ESXi hosts.

There are 11 questions and they are marked by Powershell scripts. All you need to do is answer a question and run the corresponding script to mark it for you, no waiting around! You can keep running the marking scripts until you get the answer correct, furthermore you can read the script to see what is expected in case you get stuck.

How do you get access to the exam simulator?

Select a date in the calendar below and specify a time in GMT (Use the 24 hour clock)

Please give 24 hours notice 🙂

You can book as many sessions as you need, but please don’t book more then 2 sessions per week to allow others access.

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Exam tips

Do not waste time reading the documentation. It looks like you have plenty of time in the exam but you really do not, time will pass VERY quickly so if you are not sure about a question, mark it for review and go back to it later. Very few people manage to answer all the questions.

The exam interface is very similar to the Hands on Labs (HOL) These are free so take a look at those before you do the exam.

Join the Google Plus group. There are a few hundred people in the group discussing various exam preparation techniques.

Documentation should be available on the desktop but if you need to use it you will run out of time.

Exam preparation

Interface tips:

Exam details and blueprint


Message me on Twitter if you have any questions @virtualg_uk

24 thoughts on “VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator – FREE

  1. Steven

    Does the simulator have the same user interface as the real exam because there are limitations on the real exam and I would like some practice?

  2. omnimod

    Hello. Could you, please, share the questions itself without accessing to the lab?

    1. virtualg Post author

      Thanks for your interest, I highly suggest trying out the lab to get access to the questions.

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    1. virtualg Post author

      Yes ideally it should be static but if it’s not just email me before the session starts with your current IP and I’ll put that one in the firewall.

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    1. virtualg Post author

      Please try again, I have opened up Friday slots due to demand.

  5. mario

    I can’t seem to schedule a day, its not letting me schedule a date

    1. virtualg Post author

      I’ve just opened up additional slots for Fridays 🙂

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  7. Mario Gómez

    Would it be possible to hold a session one of these days 18,19,20,21 of June? My schedule would be that of Spain, but I adapt to whatever.

    1. virtualg Post author

      Hi Mario,

      I can setup a session for you on the 18th June. What time in BST (UK time) is best for you? – Please email me contact(AT)

  8. Ron Boadi

    can you schedule a session next week or the week after for weekday between 10:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT and weekend any time? I can schedule from above as the calendar is not allowing me to click.

    1. virtualg Post author

      Hi Ron,

      Could you let me know a suitable date and time and I’ll set up the lab for you.

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  10. Tien Pham

    can you help me schedule a session Friday 28 Jul, between 10:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT ? I can schedule from above as the calendar is not allowing me to click.

    1. virtualg Post author

      Sure, send me an email and I’ll setup a session for you. or Twitter DM @virtualg_uk

  11. Adam

    Would love to try out the simulator sometime next week, if available! Will be sitting the exam at VMworld.

    1. virtualg Post author

      Hi Adam, would be happy to. Email or DM via Twitter a date and time in GMT and I’ll send you the connection details.


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