VMware Cloud on AWS – Now on-premises! – AWS Outposts

Today AWS announced AWS Outposts. This new service will allow you to extend your AWS VPC back to your on-premises datacenter while letting you consume AWS services but run them in your own datacenter!

Essentially, it will be an on-premises version of AWS. This means you can choose to deploy your applications locally or in AWS via the same console and without any re-engineering of those applications and services.

This is achieved by deploying AWS hardware in your datacenter. The solution will be fully managed and supported by AWS.

Why is this interesting? 

It feels similar to Microsoft’s Azure Stack offering but in this case, we will also be able to run VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs locally as well as in AWS’s cloud infrastructure.

But we can already run VMware’s vSphere locally! – This is true but VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC is a service which means we can deploy an entire VMware SDDC in your on-premises datacenter in a few clicks and let VMware take care of the management and patching of the entire SDDC (Compute – vSphere, Network – NSX and Storage – vSAN)

Finally, customers will be able to run the same version of VMConAWS in the AWS cloud and on-premises without having to care about hardware compatibility lists or feature parity issues. This brings hybrid cloud to a whole new level.

More details will emerge over time, but this is an exciting new solution to keep an eye on for sure.