Top Sessions To Attend at VMware Explore 2022

This year VMworld has been rebranded to VMware Explore. You can read more about that announcement here.

Do not worry though, VMware Explore 2022 will still contain all the great aspects which we expect from a technology conference including the speaking sessions in the breakout rooms.

The Content Catalog for VMware Explore 2022 (US) is now live and I have looked through the sessions to find the top 5 sessions which I’ll be hoping to watch. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending VMware Explore in person in the US, but I am hoping to be at the Europe conference (7-10th November) this year.

If you’re in a similar situation and are unable to attend in person, the sessions are usually posted online to watch for free after the event. You’ll just have to wait a few more days for them.

VMworld Explore 2022 (US) is in San Francisco, starting on August 29 and ending on September 1st 2022.

Here are my top 5 picks from the Content Calendar for VMware Explore 2022 (US)

60 Minutes of Virtually Speaking Live: Accelerating Cloud Transformation [MCLB2804US]

I have chosen this session because it is hosted by 5 very well-known speakers in the VMware community. This combined with the fantastic format of the Virtually Speaking Live podcast makes this a must-attend session.

“Most organizations accelerate their transformation to cloud to maintain a competitive edge; accelerate innovation; and transform interactions with customers, employees and partners. As we all know, COVID-19 further increased the speed and scale of cloud adoption. But while cloud transformation is top of mind for most, there is still work to be done to manage cloud complexity. In this special live edition of the Virtually Speaking Podcast, we welcome Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and William Lam to discuss the complexities of cloud transformation from a technical and operational perspective. As always, audience participation is highly encouraged. Hope to see you there.”

More Info and registration

Deconstructing vSAN – A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [INDB2406USD]

Every year there is at least one deep dive session on vSAN. This is a great session for any architect, implementation or support engineer to attend as it really shows you the power of software-defined storage and how the internals of vSAN work. vSAN is constantly updated with new, powerful features and this session will keep you up to date too.

This top-rated session returns with all-new content on the internals of VMware vSAN, and takes a detailed technical view of the new and interesting ways VMware implements a distributed storage system. vSAN is built differently when compared to traditional storage systems, which gives it unprecedented capabilities and levels of flexibility. Learn about optimizations in the data path and the fascinating details behind our implementation of file services. This is your chance to better understand the reasons behind the vSAN architecture and why it is the ideal storage platform for public clouds, such as VMware Cloud on AWS, and private clouds using VMware Cloud Foundation.

More Info and registration

Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Advanced Performance Tutorial [CEIT1097US]

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your vSphere deployment, you should absolutely attend this session. You’ll find out how to correctly tune and optimised your vSphere installations to better meet the needs of your organisation.

“The VMware vSphere Advanced Performance Bootcamp provides the most advanced technical performance-oriented training available about vSphere performance design, tuning and troubleshooting. Hosted by VMware’s Mark Achtemichuk (VCDX) and Valentin Bondzio, we will discuss a broad range of topics covering all resource dimensions, including the ESXi scheduler, memory management, and storage and network optimization. The student will become empowered to identify the location of performance issues, diagnose their root cause, and remediate a wide variety of performance conundrums using the many techniques practiced by the most seasoned vSphere veterans and VMware internal experts. Armed with the knowledge provided in the class will allow you to confidently approach virtual performance and manage it successfully.”

More Info and registration

Get Started with Containers and Kubernetes using vSphere with Tanzu [KUBB1941USD]

For anyone wanting to learn vSphere Tanzu and how it assists with the management of Containers, look no further than this session. This session promises great speakers, demos and is aimed at the traditional vSphere administrator.

“Containers, Docker and Kubernetes. We hear so much about them these days, but the tech moves so fast that it can be challenging to understand what they are and the impact they will have. Come to this session to get a foundational container education. Find out what they are and why they are gaining so much traction in the development community. You will get a technical overview of containers and Kubernetes, and learn how to get started using VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu. The speakers will employ terms and use cases relatable to infrastructure engineers. You will also see some demos of this technology in action using vSphere with Tanzu.”

More Info and registration

Technical Architecture and Advantages of VMware Cloud for Your Workloads [CEIB1429USD]

A technology conference wouldn’t be complete without a session on Cloud! In this session, you’ll hear from Niels Hagoort and Oleg Ulyanov. They will discuss the very latest in the VMware Cloud on AWS solution. You’ll learn more about how the compute, storage and networking components work in this popular cloud service, co-developed by VMware and AWS.

“Expand your technical knowledge of VMware Cloud on AWS and learn more about the underlying elements of a software-defined data center as we focus on the architecture and options for deployment topologies. We will also take a closer look at the underlying compute, storage, and networking components, expand on the migration capabilities and cover advantages of VMware Cloud for your workload.”

More Info and registration

I hope you enjoy these sessions and I hope to see you at VMware Explore Europe, in Barcelona on November 7th 2022.

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