Kemp Introduces Enhanced Network Telemetry within LoadMaster Load Balancer

This month, Kemp has released a new network telemetry solution to their already impressive Load Balancer offering.

The network telemetry solution is interesting because it allows for traffic going via the load balancer to be handed off to a collector which can analyse traffic patterns for a wide array of management and planning purposes. What does this mean exactly? It allows for network traffic to be thoroughly analysed, in turn reducing remediation times and improving visibility into your networks as they get more complex over time.

You can find below the full press release, alongside links to the product pages including a free 7-day demo.

NEW YORK, April 6, 2021 – Kemp, an always-on application experience (AX) company, has introduced the Network Telemetry feature as part of its load balancer. Bringing an unparalleled traffic visibility, Kemp LoadMaster now unlocks predictive network Performance Monitoring and Network Detection & Response capabilities to its users.

Facing the complexity of today’s network and application infrastructure, shaped by edge computing and cloud, knowledge is the enabler of secure, healthy and well-performing IT environment. When some approaches to gaining the necessary understanding do not provide the desired detail, do not scale, are not cost-effective, or overwhelm the user with information noise, network telemetry (NetFlow/IPFIX) stands out. It provides a detailed understanding necessary to solve complex application access, performance, and security issues in a lightweight and cost-effective way.

“By marrying these two complementary technologies, we take application experience to the next level,” says Jason Dover, VP of Product Strategy at Kemp. “Load balancing serves as a necessary piece of infrastructure to optimize the application experience. Extending its visibility into network traffic empowers IT professionals with deep application performance analysis and proactive bandwidth monitoring across the entire application delivery chain.”

Network as Source of Truth

At the center of this feature is the addition of the Flowmon NetFlow/IPFIX Exporter to LoadMaster as a standard component. This enables LoadMaster to collect telemetry data about all the network traffic that passes through LoadMaster and export it to a Kemp Flowmon Collector for analysis and visualization.

“By leveraging Network Telemetry with the Kemp Flowmon Collector, you will have the whole network in the palm of your hand. It represents the one definitive source of truth with which you can quickly and proactively ensure your business-critical applications are being delivered in the most optimized way your infrastructure allows, whether it resides on premises or in the cloud,” adds Jason Dover.

In addition to a full set of NPMD features, the Kemp Flowmon Collector ushers in network detection and response (NDR) tools for zero-day threat hunting, automated packet analysis, and in-depth application performance monitoring.
By leveraging Network Telemetry with the Kemp Flowmon Collector, users can:

  • Get visibility into the entire application value delivery chain to identify bottlenecks, misconfigurations, and potential security issues.
  • Monitor user experience and network usage round the clock to anticipate and proactively accommodate usage spikes, link saturation, etc.
  • Identify the root cause of new application, network, and security issues with a single definitive source of application truth.
  • LoadMaster Network Telemetry improves both visibility into network performance and security as well as ability to respond to customer needs and security issues before they become a problem.

“Thanks to Flowmon, we are provided with network visibility that we previously lacked. Consequently, we can identify the causes of network issues easier than ever before. The solution also allows us to design the proper capacity of our network,” says Masahiro Sato, CTO at SEGA.

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