VMware tool’s vShield Endpoint driver renamed

For those trying to install the vShield Endpoint VMCI driver via a manual VMware tools installation, you may notice that when installing VMware tools that “vShield Endpoint” is missing as one of the install options. As of an earlier update to vSphere 5.5 “vShield Endpoint” has been split into two new installation options:

  • NSX File Introspection Driver aka vsepflt.sys
  • NSX Network Introspection Driver aka vnetflt.sys

This means that you can now install the file component without the Networking component and vice-versa. You run the VMware tools installer as usual and select one or both of the above to install the required driver(s),

VMware tools installers can be manually downloaded from the official VMware repository. Other install options include installing directly from ESXi or via vSphere Update Manager. Always check the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes prior to applying updates manually.

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