Building the Cloud with vCloud Director 9.0 – A-Z

Introduction to to vCD 9.0

The growth in cloud adoption is growing year on year. Last year figures of over 20% growth in IaaS alone are proving this. VMware’s vCloud Director solution is therefore an obvious choice to provide IaaS to customers. This post series will detail the steps required to deploy vCloud Director from scratch.

vCloud Director (For service providers) 9.0 is the latest release of vCD. This VMware solution is for Service Providers who have a requirement to host multiple tenants within the same infrastructure. vCD achieves this be slicing up resources into resource pools and allocating compute, network and storage to each tenant based on your own configuration.

This is only the beginning of that vCD can offer. Check the official VMware documentation for more details on this solution:

New features in 9.0

This is the most feature packed update for vCD in recent times.

  • The new HTML5 based Clarity UI is a smoother, easier interface for tenants to connect and manage their virtual data centers
  • Support for the free vCloud Director Extender Layer 2 extension migration tool makes migration from customer on-prem environments to vCD fast and painless
  • Support for the latest versions of the entire VMware SDDC offering (vSphere, NSX, vSAN) vCloud Availability and vCloud Usage Meter

Installation (The bit we have been waiting for!)

This vCD Installation blog post series is in 4 parts. I have a blog post on each section, use the links below to get started:

  1. vCloud Director Installation Part 1 – Database
  2. vCloud Director Installation Part 2 – vCD Base Operating System
  3. vCloud Director Installation Part 3 – vCloud Director Install
  4. vCloud Director Installation Part 4 – vCloud Director Configuration


You can find all vCD 9.0 documentation on  the VMware Documentation site:

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