Coresuite – A M365 Management Solution

Anyone who’s working on adopting cloud solutions knows that the management of such solutions can be a real challenge for enterprises.

Recently I’ve discovered that there are comprehensive cloud management solutions that can remove a lot of the headaches associated with cloud adoption.

In particular, CoreView offers an impressive Microsoft 365 management platform.

While Microsoft’s M365 solutions are impressive, they often fall short on some of the management aspects of the platform, resulting in administrators creating custom solutions to manage licenses, usage and other critical components of the platform.

Introducing CoreSuite by CoreView

CoreView aims to solve this and many more issues with their CoreSuite solution:

CoreSuite promises the following:

  • See all your Microsoft 365 services for your entire tenant through a single console.
  • Manage Microsoft 365 with permissions and views aligned to your business.
  • Workflow automation dramatically boosts IT efficiency, reduces mistakes.


Prevent and Respond to Data Breaches with Alerts and Forensics

Security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and rightly so. CoreView is dedicated to security, the CoreView solution automatically alerts you when suspicious activity is detected and it also stores activity logs in long-term storage so that there is plenty of time for an investigation without losing critical evidence.

Delegate Control Over Reporting, Admin Functions

The administration around reporting is a key challenge in most cloud offerings. Fortunately, CoreSuite has this covered with the following offerings:

  • RBAC
  • Virtual Tenants
  • Delegated Access

All the above are used to ensure a highly scalable administration function for all things related to reporting, access to management interfaces and even those custom PowerShell scripts that your IT team use.

Delegate and Oversee License Lifecycle Management

One of the most challenging aspects of M365 is lifecycle management. With large numbers of licenses and users to manage, organising these and managing them can be difficult and complex.

CoreView solves the complexity issue via built-in capabilities such as:

  • Tenant Segmentation
  • License Pools
  • License Admin Delegation
  • Chargeback Simplification
  • Provisioning Automation


CoreSuite can also be extended to your on-prem environments for further management benefits and a single pane of glass for all things M365 management.

You can also deep dive into Microsoft Teams for a better understanding of all interactions with the product.

Finally, CoreSuite can extend into SaaS offerings to give you even more enhanced discovery and control of your cloud solutions.


CoreView offer a demo of the CoreSuite solution, you can request that here:

You can also see what the dashboard looks like below:


Further Reading

You can find out more about CoreSuite via the video below or download the datasheet or go to

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and CoreView did not have any influence on the content of this post.

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