Annual vExpert 2021 Sticker Giveaway

Every year I give away free stickers to vExperts. We all benefit from being in the vExpert community, so this is my way of thanking everyone for their contributions.

This year I am proud to announce that Runecast has offered to sponsor the stickers, this means that we can reach more vExperts than ever before!



A message from Runecast: The vExpert program is important to all of us at Runecast. Kudos to you and everything you do for the IT community!

Please pass on your thanks to the amazing Runecast team. You can reach them on Twitter.

You can also try out their awesome software for free here:

Runecast has also provided their 2021 sticker, so you’ll be getting the generic vExpert 2021 sticker and a specially designed one from Runecast too!


To qualify, you need to have an active vExpert 2021 profile URL (You can find this in the vExpert directory)

So that we can reach as many people as possible, there is a limit of 1 sticker per person.



  • To post your order, I need some personally identifiable information such as your name and address, however, I will delete this information as soon as the sticker is dispatched. The information does not get sent to any vendors.
  • 1 sticker per person.


The sticker

The dimensions are 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

I use StickerMule to print the stickers, they are high quality and don’t take much effort to remove.

If you want to order your own stickers, I have a referral link that gives us both $10 / £8 off your next order here

Submission of this form doesn’t guarantee you a sticker. I’ll simply be posting them to those who submit the form in ascending order.

I’ll close the form as soon as I can after the available quantity runs out.




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