VMware Explore – 2024 Las Vegas – The Top 5 (Okay 6!) Sessions to attend

VMware Explore 2024 is taking place in Las Vegas, at the Venetian Resort and Hotel. Mark your calendars for August 26-29, 2024!

At VMware Explore 2024, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise. From the latest trends in virtualization and cloud computing to cutting-edge infrastructure modernization, app development acceleration, and comprehensive security solutions, this event has it all

So what are my top 5 session picks for VMware Explore 2024?

A Technical Introduction To Building A Private Cloud With VMware Cloud Foundation [VCFB1671LV]

VMware Cloud Foundation is all the news at Broadcom these days, so why not start with an overview of VCF? Find out more about VCF, it’s capabilities and why this is now the flagship on-prem virtualization solution in this session.

“VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) offers a streamlined solution for modernizing your IT infrastructure. This session provides a foundational overview of VCF, a full-stack hyperconverged platform designed to simplify data center operations and accelerate the deployment of modern apps. Explore the core components of VCF including SDDC Manager, NSX, and vSAN. Understand how VCF enables lifecycle management, centralized operations dashboards, and automated application template deployment. This session is ideal for IT practitioners, system administrators, and architects who are just getting started with VCF. We will cover common use cases, key technical features, and the primary benefits of VCF.”

Speaker: Jeff Hunter

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What’s New In Private AI Foundation With NVIDIA [VCFB1789LV]

It wouldn’t be a 2024 tech conference without a deep dive into the world of AI! Picture this: a breakout session where the brains from Broadcom and NVIDIA team up to unveil the secrets of AI that can turbocharge your journey

“In this session, we will provide a deep dive on the Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA solution and the latest capabilities we are delivering to help enterprises accelerate their generative AI journey.”

Speakers: Yu Wang & Fanny Strudel

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Achieving Zero Trust – The Practitioner’s Journey [CMTY2236LV]

Looking for a quick overview on how to secure your infrastructure with VMware vDefend Firewall? – Fear not! This community quick talk session will show you how VMware vDefend Firewalls works (There may even be some demos!)

“In this quick talk, we will cover how to go about crafting your organization’s zero trust journey. We will cover how to use VMware vDefend firewall to secure your infrastructure, create zones and micro-segment your crown jewel applications.”

Speakers: Kenneth Hebenstreit

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All About vSphere 8 – What’s New In The Technology [VCFB1440LV]

vSphere 8 has some nice improvements, but who has time to keep up to date with all the release notes? Take your time to site down and digest all the latest features in vSphere 8 in this packed session covering vSAN, vSphere, Tanzu and much more!

“What is new that you really need to know about in vSphere 8 at a technology feature level, that we’ve introduced in our latest update. We will additionally address vSAN, vSphere, Tanzu and Supervisor services, Security, Private AI, Accelerators, DSM, Core Storage and security and resilience enhancements. This is it – this is THE what’s new in vSphere tech session!”

Speakers: Ken Werneburg

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Adventures In VMware Home Labs By Virtually Speaking Podcast [CODEP1801LV]

Do you run your own lab at home or in the office or are you considering it but on a budget? This is the session for you. Hosted by the awesome Virtually Speaking Podcast crew, you’ll hear real-world stories about running your own VMware based home lab. With plenty of humor and probably a lot of “what not to do” conversations, this is a must attend session from three of my favorite speakers!

“Dive into a world where garages become innovation hubs and spare rooms transform into virtualization data centers. Join us for a lively panel discussion hosted by the Virtually Speaking Podcast, where we’ll explore the dynamic universe of Home Labs. Discover how enthusiasts and experts alike are pushing the boundaries of virtualization from the comfort of their own homes. From ingenious hacks to game-changing discoveries, our panelists will share their insights, tips, and best practices for creating and maximizing Home Labs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of VMware, this session promises to spark inspiration and ignite your passion for innovation in Home Labs.”

Speakers: William Lam, John Nicholson, Pete Flecha

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VSAN ESA Deep Dive – Your Storage Platform For VMware Cloud Foundation [VCFB1450LV]

I couldn’t resist but to add one more session in my top 5 (6) session pics!

vSAN ESA is the new kid on the block when is comes to hyperconverged storage. Find out why this is the case and everything you need to know about vSAN ESA in this session buy the people who literally wrote the book on it!

“This session was one of the most popular and highly rated sessions for the past few years. First introduced in 2022, The Express Storage Architecture in vSAN 8 brought all new levels of performance, resilience, and operational benefits to customers. In this break-out Pete and Duncan, the authors of the vSAN 8.0 U1 Deep Dive book, will go over key architectural details, as well as the very latest capabilities of vSAN ESA, and what makes it the premier storage platform for your environments running VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation.

Speakers: Duncan Epping, Pete Koehier

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Remember, VMware Explore 2024 is not just an event; it’s a journey into the future of cloud technology. Be part of the adventure and make your mark in the tech world!

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