Bookmarks for new VMware pages

Over the past week many of the key VMware webpages have relocated over to Broadcom. With the transition from to well underway, I found it challenging to locate the new location for pages such as:

  • VMware Downloads
  • VMware Support
  • VMware KBs

Fortunately, William Lam posted a list of new URLs for many of the new locations, for ease I’ve put the popular ones into a bookmarks file so you can easily import them into your browser.

I created the file in Microsoft Edge, most browsers will let you import an HTML file of bookmarks and convert it automatically into your browser, but let me know if you have any issues.

Download the VMware bookmarks file

I’ve uploaded the VMware by Broadcom bookmarks file to GitHub here

Direct Link

Importing the bookmarks file

  • Google Chrome Help: Import or export bookmarks (
    • Mozilla Support: Import and Export Bookmarks (
    • Microsoft Support: Import or export favorites in Microsoft Edge (
    • Apple Support: Import and export bookmarks (
      • Opera Help: Import bookmarks and other data from another browser (

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