Free Virtual VMware Event – vForum Spring 2020

VMware has been hosting vForum for a number of years but what is it exactly and why should you sign up?

  • vForum is a mini (free) VMworld
  • vForum is an ideal learning opportunity
  • Access to 130 Experts
  • How do I sign up to vForum Spring 2020?

vForum is a mini (free) VMworld

As a frequent attendee of in-person and virtual conferences, I like to think of vForum as a mini-VMworld but without the price tag, travel or time commitment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve attended VMworld for the last few years and I’ll continue to do so, but there is something to be said about an online event such as vForum where the amount of walking required is zero!

When you log in to vForum, you are greeted with all the things you would expect at a conference. You can see some of the thing available to access on a previous vForum event below:

  • Keynotes
  • Hands on Labs
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Exhibit Hall
  • and much more

vForum is an ideal learning opportunity

The vForum Spring event on May 13th is full of online sessions based around existing VMware solutions but also the newer products and services which we all want to hear more about:

  • vSphere 7
  • Kubernetes
  • NSX-T
  • Tanzu
  • VMware Cloud on AWS

If you or your business would like to learn about these new solutions at either high level or technical deep dive, then vForum is for you.

Personally, I like to set a reminder for the sessions I am interested in and take an hour out to learn something new which will benefit the business. If there is something beneficial to your organization then it might be worth booking a conference room and allowing the team to absorb some of this information too.

For the full agenda, see here

Access to 130 Experts

Where else can you chat to 130 IT experts, live from your desk?

This May, vForum will allow Q&A Chat with 130 Experts. So if you have any burning questions or are looking for a solution for your business, be sure to attend.

There will also be 10 Instructor-Led Hands On Labs to follow along and learn about the latest VMware products and services

Last but not least, the best part of vForum is the 40+ breakout sessions where IT Pros cover everything from vSphere 7 through to Tanzu and VMware Cloud on AWS. If they are anything like previous events, you’ll be able to ask the professionals about these solutions and take away useful information for your business.

How do I sign up to vForum Spring 2020?

This spring, vForum is on May 13th, starting at 9am PDT (or 5pm BST)

Signup is incredibly easy, just follow the signup link and register. Once the event starts you just log in with your credentials and you can access the entire event.

If you are interested in any of the key benefits of Form, then be sure to sign up!

  • Access to 130 IT Experts, with live Q&A via chat, ask them anything!
  • 10 Hands on Labs which are instructor-ledย 
  • Over 40 technical breakout sessions
  • And of course the main keynote, by Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CTO
Sign up to vForum Spring 2020 for free here

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