Annual vExpert 2020 Sticker Giveaway

Every year I give away free stickers to vExperts.

This is my way of thanking the vExpert community who have helped me every year both personally and professionally.


To qualify, you need to have an active vExpert 2020 profile URL (You can find this in the vExpert directory)

There is a limit of 1 sticker per person, per year.

If you want to give something back (100% optional), there are a few ways:

  • Send me a sticker
  • Tweet a picture of your vExpert 2020 sticker on your laptop to @virtualg_uk
  • Say hi at VMworld 2021 🙂


I am covering all sticker production, postage & packaging costs.

To post your order, I need some personally identifiable information such as your name and address, however, as per GDPR, I will delete this information as soon as the sticker is dispatched.

1 sticker per person.

This is a limited availability offer as I don’t have an endless supply of stickers (or budget!)!

The sticker

This is the sticker, dimensions are 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall.

I used StickerMule to print the stickers, they are high quality and don’t take much effort to remove.

If you want to order your own stickers, I have a referral link which gives us both $10 / £8 off next order here

Submission of this form doesn’t guarantee you a sticker. I’ll simply be posting them to those who submit the form in ascending order.

If you were successful, I’ll email you to let you know once it’s dispatched. I’ll close the form as soon as I can after the available quantity runs out.


Sponsor this giveaway

I’m looking for a sponsor for this giveaway in the future. I think there is a lot of value in getting your product in front of 1700 vExperts + specialist subprograms.

Most of us enjoy blogging or speaking about technical solutions. If sponsoring this giveaway is of interest to you, please get in touch, there is so much that can be done here (Sticker to every vExpert each year who wants one, 1/2 year announcements, specialist sub-programs, offset the carbon impact of the postage etc) I’m willing to do all the work, but I don’t have the budget necessary for everything.

There is no form selected or the form was deleted.


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