VMworld US 2017 – Main Announcements

So  VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas has started, but what has been revealed on day 1?

The general session focused mainly on new Cloud services wrapped together under the VMware Cloud umbrella:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
    • “VMware Cloud on AWS is an on-demand service that enables you to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation, this service integrates vSphere, vSAN and NSX along with VMware vCenter management, and is optimized to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure. With this service, IT teams can manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools”
  • VMware AppDefense
    • “From inside the vSphere hypervisor, AppDefense has an authoritative understanding of how data center endpoints are meant to behave and is the first to know when changes are made. This contextual intelligence removes the guesswork in determining which changes are legitimate and which are real threats”
  • VMware Cost Insight
    • “Cost Insight provides IT granular cost visibility to precisely attribute costs to applications and LoB teams. With a better understanding of total cloud costs and key drivers, IT leaders can map investments to strategic business priorities, ensure cost accountability and communicate the value of services delivered to the business”
  • VMware Discovery
    • “Every cloud has a unique way of sharing data. Discovery understands the intricacies of different public and private clouds and automates the tedious process of building those cloud integration points”
  • VMware Network Insight
    • “Network Insight is purpose-built for network virtualization and public cloud security. It provides complete network visibility into all application traffic – within the cloud and to the internet. Network Insight does this by integrating deeply with virtual and physical data center network layers, connecting the dots between the two, and across your public clouds networks”
  • VMware NSX Cloud
    • “Having a uniform operational model, via a single pane of glass and common API, allows Cloud IT to simplify and scale operations across a growing number of virtual networks, availability zones, regions, and clouds. NSX Cloud brings performance, standardization and security to applications running natively in public clouds”
  • Wavefront by VMware
    • “Wavefront supports ingestion and instant visualization of high-velocity metrics at millions of data points per second. Developers can add and vary new code metrics in a snap, while DevOps practitioners can monitor their cloud environments and optimize resources for growth”

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