VMware News – April 2018 – New vSphere soon, vROps, Config Maximums Tool!

Quite a lot has been going on in April for VMware, so I’ve put a post together with notable news:

vSphere – Next version

The next version of vSphere looks to be coming soon. There has been some talk about its upcoming release in the public domain. I’m a Beta participant and I can say there are some cool updates so stay tuned!

vRealize Operations 6.7

An upgrade from 6.6 to 6.7 has been announced and is now generally available. There are new automation features and new capacity planning tools in this release. For more information about some of the new features, check the blog post by Product Line Manager Sunny Dua: & the official release notes here

Be sure to run the upgrade assessment tool before upgrading since a few dashboards and other items have been deprecated in 6.7 See here for more details on that.

Various management packs have also been upgraded in April for vROps: NSX 3.5.2, SDDC health 4.0, vCloud Director Tenant Pack  & new management packs from Blue Medora. Most Blue Medora management packs already support vROps 6.7

New Configuration Maximums tool

Tired of manually searching for the maximums document for the product and version you need? Now VMware has an online tool (Using the Clarity UI) with all the maximums in one place! Furthermore, no login is required so add this to your bookmarks today! https://configmax.vmware.com

You can also easily compare limits between releases and export to Excel. It’s also an easy way to view all features in a release!



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