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Dell FX2 Overview & Setup for vSphere Environments

In this series of blog posts, time permitting, I’ll go through the base configuration required for the following 2 scenarios (Scroll down for links to the configurations) Configure FX2 chassis with dual FN410S IO Modules to LAN switches and iSCSI storage array (direct iSCSI) Configure FX2 chassis with dual FN2210S IO Modules to LAN & FC switches In both… Read More »

vSAN vs Traditional Storage Array

I’ve been putting notes together for a while with regards to vSAN and how it differs from Traditional Storage Arrays. Naturally, the choice between the two depends on your requirements but it’s becoming obvious that the use cases for vSAN are growing on every release. Here are my quick overview notes: It is not usually… Read More »

Backup Exec – Insufficient winsock resources available to complete socket connection initiation

A few months back I encountered this issue which was stopping the backup exec beremote.exe process which is required to backup Virtual Machines. Insufficient winsock resources available to complete socket connection initiation The cause In my case it was a recent Windows Update that caused hundreds of false sockets to be opened within Windows Server.… Read More »

VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator Update

As I’m preparing for VCDX I have not been as active on the blog as I would like, the good news is that when I have some free time I am working on improving the VCAP6-DCV Deploy Exam Simulator! Since it’s launch late last year, there have been over 100 sessions, mentioned on many blogs and… Read More »

vExpert and vSAN Stickers

From time to time we all make mistakes. My latest one was to order way too many vExpert and vSAN stickers so I’m going to give them away! Update 06.03.2017 All vSAN stickers are gone. There are a few vExpert stickers left but they have a 1mm white line on the right edge that is hardly… Read More »

About this blog focuses on the latest virtualization and infrastruture topics in the following areas: Dell EMC,  VMware vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, vSAN, vRealize and Certification. is also home to the free VCAP6-DCV Deployment Exam Simulator that has had over 100 sessions registered since it’s release in late 2016. Please feel free to contact Graham, the… Read More »

vROps – Installation

There are three install options for VROps 6.4. Windows, Linux and the OVA. In this post we’ll look at the preferred OVA installation. The OVA can be considered as more secure (Effectively a black box that admins will be less tempted to modify) and performs better since it’s isolated from other 3rd party software. Download the… Read More »