VCDX – Application and Defense Costs – Deep Dive!

For anyone attempting the VMware Certified Design Expert certification, it is no easy ride. Months or years of preparation are commonly required to become successful. There are currently only 264 VCDXs in the world.

I keep hearing questions being raised in the community with regards to VCDX pricing so after validating the below with senior members of the VMware education team at VMworld 2017, the following answers might help others to budget for this certification:

There are two fees

The first thing to understand it that there are two fees for VCDX. First the application fee, then if your design is accepted to defend there is a defense fee.

For your first VCDX

  • Application fee: $995
  • Defense fee: $3000 (This is an in-person defense)

For your second or third VCDX (in another track)

  • Application fee: $995 (To be confirmed)
  • Defense fee: $900 *This defense has to be remote, you cannot do a 2nd or 3rd VCDX defense in-person

If you are retaking a VCDX because you failed the application stage

  • You need to pay the application fee again.
  • You will need to pay the defense fee once your application is accepted

If you are retaking a VCDX because you failed the defense stage

  • Application fee: $0 (If you are making minor changes based on feedback)


  • Application fee: $995 (If you are making major changes or submitting a new design)


  • Defense fee: $3000 (To re-defend in person)


  • Defense fee: $900 (To re-defend remotely)

All prices exclude taxes! In the UK this is an additional 20% for VAT.

In terms of sources for this information, some is available here otherwise please contact the VCDX team directly via email vcdx@vmware.com or Twitter @vmwarevcdx

For further details on the VCDX certification process, see here: https://vcdx.vmware.com/policies-and-procedures

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