Dell EMC

Dell and EMC Merge into Dell EMC

Since I started working in IT I’ve always had a preference for Dell for compute and EMC for storage. Why? Probably because I was first introduced to the Dell Server range before HP and Cisco etc, I liked their build quality and logical placement of components. Furthermore I got hands on with their iDRAC APIs which really changed the way I started to look at hardware.

EMC came along a little later in my career, I don’t think it is marketed that well at the SMB so starters in the industry will be unlikely to get hands-on with their products. Sure, they have a good range of solutions for the SMB but I believe that IT managers look to purchase from their server vendor rather than a specialist storage vendor due to the “complex, costly enterprise” perception.

With all of that said, I am REALLY happy to see Dell and EMC merge, I cannot wait to see what come out fo the merger in the upcoming year!

For more details on the world’s largest private technology company, read more here:


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