When I was at VMworld 2018 Europe, I got the awesome opportunity to present a VMTN Tech Talk! Keep an eye on the vBrownBag twitter account closer to future VMworld in case they do them again as they are well worth it.

The talks were made possible by the awesome vBrownBag crew and the VMTN Communities team!

In my talk, I promised a summary of all the things I talked about so here you go:


VMworld Barcelona 2018 VMTN Tech Talk – “The ultimate guide to free VMware resources [VMTN5515E]”

When: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Where: VMworld, Barcelona

Are you aware of all your entitlements that are included with your VMware purchases? What about those free tools available to you within the VMware ecosystem? How about the content provided by VMware vExperts in the community? No? Then this session is for you! Attend to experience quick fire demonstrations of free and bundled products to improve your VMware Cloud, focusing on availability, manageability, performance, recoverability and security. Learn about VMware community content and additional tools for customers and receive the link of all links as a core takeaway from this session. Finally, we open the floor to questions and knowledge sharing of other free and bundled extras that may not be commonly known.

As promised, here you will find links to a variety of resources that were mentioned in the talk (and more!)

VMware Skyline

Free predictive analysis and fault resolution tool provided you have a valid production support agreement or premier services contract

vRealize Log Insight for vCenter

25 OSI licenses of this enterprise Syslog server are included with vCenter Server standard.

VMware Flings

Various tools that work in conjunction with a wide variety of VMware solutions – Not supported for production use.

vSphere Optimization Assessment

Optimise your vSphere environment with this free tool.

Linux VSM

Download VMware software entitlements, always have the latest version synced and downloaded.

VMware Configuration Maximums Tool

Search for maximums for a variety of VMware products and versions.

Slack – VMware {code}

Free access to hundreds of developers to discuss coding topics via instant message.


Free & Open Source Code Repositories.

VMware Communities – VMware Technology Network

Access to hundreds of forums and over 3 million members.

vSphere Replication

Replicate your VMs to another vCenter server.


Free scripting library for PowerShell.

Hands on Labs

These labs deploy within seconds to let you try out almost all VMware products in an isolated environment