Section 2 – Create a vSphere 6.x Logical Design from an Existing Conceptual Design

Objective 2.7 – Build Security Requirements into a vSphere 6.x Logical Design

Security requirements can be very broad. Based on the exam blueprint, the ones to understand are HIPAA, PCI and different US Government security levels

vSphere security

  • Take time to study the different roles with vCenter Server
  • Understand what permissions each of the default roles contains
  • Review what auditing is available in vCenter and ESXi
  • Learn the different authentication types such as Local users, SSO and LDAP authentication for vCenter and ESXi
  • Review the new lock-down modes of ESXi and understand what type of organisations might use each one
  • If your company has a security policy, read it and try to determine what aspects of it you might be able to incorporate into vSphere

Review common compliance and security standards such as HIPAA and PCI (Links below)