Section 2 – Create a vSphere 6.x Logical Design from an Existing Conceptual Design

Objective 2.5 – Build Performance Requirements into a vSphere 6.x Logical Design

Performance in a vSphere design mostly comes down to compute, network and storage.

  • For compute, research resource pools, reservations and limits. Why you would use them and what the consequences are of each in a production environment
  • Networking; NIOC has changed in 6.x, ensure you know the changes and how shares can assist with the performance of the network
  • In terms of storage, understand your RAID levels, storage types such as SSD, SATA and SAS including when you would use each combination. Learn about SATPs and PSP and determine which array types support each different PSP option. Understand VM storage policies and how vSAN uses these.

Resource pools
























Storage policies