Vembu Technologies

Since 2002, Vembu Technologies has been delivering simplified backup solutions through its
portfolio of products to SMBs. Their flagship offering – BDRSuite addresses various backup,
recovery, replication, and DR needs of your IT environment.

BDRSuite caters to backup & disaster recovery of diverse IT environments such as Virtual,
Physical, Cloud workloads & SaaS Applications, and supports advanced use cases, thereby
ensuring business continuity at affordable pricing.

Have a glimpse of the BDRSuite of Products categorized based on different IT environments.

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Adapting to the agility of modern IT infrastructure, V2V (Virtual-to-Virtual) technology has now been put into use widely as a way for advanced data protection, which allows the seamless switch of IT workload between 2 virtual platforms.

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, you can discover its unparalleled ease of use, out-of-the-box deployment and extraordinary scalability that let you enjoy simple V2V migration across 10+ mainstream virtualizations.

New Feature in Vinchin V7.0: Data Verification for VMware Backups