Official VMware Visio Stencils & Icons for 2022

I have been writing documentation for some time but it has always bothered me that there has been no official Visio Stencils, or other Icons for the documentation of VMware solutions.

There are some unofficial icon set sources out there and there are a few official product diagrams available but I’ve never found a complete set.

As a User Moderator of the Official VMware Forums (VMTN), I spend a lot of my time going through the forums. I found a post by Ryan Johnson who has shared a batch of Visio icons and shapes!

What makes this so good is that they were the same ones as used in the official VMware Validated Design Documentation!

What’s new?

I’ve taken screenshots of what is included in the new Visio files. Keep in mind that these are SDDC focused so you will find Compute, Network and Storage icons with a strong focus on the SDDC within the set.

You’ll want to open all the Visio files and go through the tabs to find the icon or drawing of what you need for your diagrams.

Download the Free VMware Visio files

Download VMware Visio Files Here


  1. Hi,

    Am I missing something? All is see (that’s Visio related) in the zip file is 3 Visio files, 2 are stencils with the icon sets and one is a template but that just contains a basic diagram.
    Is there another Visio document somewhere with example diagrams (like the one screen-shotted in the article)?
    The icons are useful but I was hoping there would be drawings as well that I could edit rather than starting from scratch… 🙂


  2. Thanks Graham for your sharing, it helped me on creating Design document for preparing implementation 🙂

    Haikal S.

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