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Dell FX2 Overview & Setup for vSphere Environments

In this series of blog posts, time permitting, I’ll go through the base configuration required for the following 2 scenarios (Scroll down for links to the configurations) Configure FX2 chassis with dual FN410S IO Modules to LAN switches and iSCSI storage array (direct iSCSI) Configure FX2 chassis with dual FN2210S IO Modules to LAN & FC switches In both… Read More »

Dell Certification Program

Looking to certify with Dell? There are a few certification tracks as follows: Dell SC Series Storage Professional Exam Dell PS Series Storage Professional Exam Dell Series Networking Professional Exam Dell PowerEdge Professional Exam Dell PowerEdge Associate Exam Implementing Dell Client Systems Exam Network Associate Exam Storage Associate Exam Pass marks are around 65% and… Read More »

Dell iDRAC Automation with RACADM

Since as far back as I can remember, Dell have made available a CLI for their iDRACs. This means we can easily automate the configuration of the Dell iDRAC remotely. This is key for a number of reasons: Speed of server deployment. We can deploy servers much faster by automating the configuration of iDRACs to… Read More »

Dell PowerEdge Range – Naming scheme

Dell PowerEdge has been a main competitor in the server compute market for some years. Support for VMware’s ESXi Hypervisor is forever strong and the HCL always updated. Support for the latest generation CPUs is always included with new releases and the online customization tool is a real selling point where you can select exactly… Read More »

Dell and EMC Merge into Dell EMC

Since I started working in IT I’ve always had a preference for Dell for compute and EMC for storage. Why? Probably because I was first introduced to the Dell Server range before HP and Cisco etc, I liked their build quality and logical placement of components. Furthermore I got hands on with their iDRAC APIs… Read More »

HP, DELL and CISCO custom ESXi images

I see many questions on the VMTN regarding the use of custom ESXi ISO images released by the major server vendors. In short, always use the ESXi image supplied by the vendor. They contain supported drivers and management VIBs (Such as ILO management for HP) which VMware do not provide in the base image. The… Read More »